WYSE Travel Confederation Launches Global Youth Travel Survey

Originally posted on STAY WYSE:

The World Youth Student & Educational Travel Confederation – the world’s most powerful network of youth and student travel professionals – is launching a global youth travel survey.

The survey will measure customer preferences, marketing, product development, and industry trends. Market intelligence and much-needed data for the youth travel industry will be the key outcomes.

Survey targets will be not-for-profit and for-profit youth travel organisations, institutions, providers, suppliers, and agencies in all major industry sectors, including language travel, higher education, exchange/work experience, volunteer travel, adventure travel, and youth travel accommodation.

The youth travel industry and individual businesses will be the major beneficiaries of this initiative. An executive summary for each respondent will summarise the survey results, providing the global picture as well as each respondent’s position within that context.

What will the major benefit to your organisation be? Allowing us to better represent this important sector of international tourism.

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