WYSE Work & Volunteer Abroad is the world’s leading non-profit trade association that represents trusted organisations specialising in work abroad and volunteer programmes. WYSE Work Abroad members are active in over 40 countries worldwide.

downloadWe recognise that working or volunteering abroad gives young people greater knowledge, acceptance, and respect for other cultures, people and surroundings, which is vital for the development of peaceful and understanding future generations. Work and volunteer abroad programmes are essential in the cultural awareness and international education of young people and students all across the globe today.

Member organisations of WYSE Work & Volunteer Abroad place tens of thousands of young people in culturally oriented, quality work abroad & volunteer programmes every year.

Our sub-group WYSE Volunteer & Travel, a group of dedicated sending & receiving organisations, is working towards increasing awareness of Volunteer Programmes, offering education on practices to organise successful and safe programmes and providing members with opportunities to connect to new partners.

WYSE Work & Volunteer Abroad members agree to its Constitution and Code Of Conduct, which signifies competence, integrity, and fair business practices.

WYSE Work & Volunteer Abroad is a global not-for-profit organisation and sector association of the World Youth Student & Educational (WYSE) Travel Confederation, the world’s largest network of youth and student travel operators. WYSE Travel Confederation is dedicated to supporting the global industry and connecting the organisations that serve millions of young people who travel to study, work and grow.

The WYSE Work & Volunteer Abroad communities meet every year at the World Youth & Student Travel Conference (WYSTC), where the Annual General Meeting is held as well.

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